Hernan Godoy Photography

Wildlife & Pelican Photo Workshop La Jolla, CA
"I participated yesterday with Hernan and it was fantastic! I now feel so confident in shooting in the Aperture Priority mode. My time was well spent and I would highly recommend Hernan and his instructor. He was always available and very helpful. Thank you"
"Last Saturdays’ workshop was the best I have attended. Your simple instruction and attention to detail was just what I needed. Our group was wonderful and I hope to take another class from you. Keep me updated and I will see which workshops work for me."

Night Photography 'Planet of the Apes' Mojave Desert, Trona, CA

"Thank you for an incredible experience I will never forget!"

"Thank you so much for last night's workshop. I learned so much. And had a blast!"
Mount Whitney Workshop Lone Pine, CA

"Hernan, your Mt. Whitney Workshop was just great! The small class size was great because you could spend quality time with each student and answer numerous questions in the field. You prepared us with instruction and discussion ahead of time, and gave us a lot of opportunities in the field to practice many different kinds of landscape photography, including wide visa shots, intimate landscapes, star trails, milky way, sunrise, sunset, waterfalls and close-ups during the middle of the day outside the golden hours. I learned the benefit of patience and waiting for the light, and I also learned a lot about the use of wide angle vs. telephoto lenses. And, it was great when on the last day you took us to a location and told us to "find a composition" on our own without guidance from you. This was a great opportunity to think for ourselves and apply what we had been learning and practicing for the entire workshop. The effort you put into the locations, and your planning were very evident. Thanks again for all your tips, sharing your excitement for photography, and your concern that we have a great experience. It all worked! Add the beautiful Mt. Whitney-Alabama Hills scenery, and a camera in my hand almost 24/7...it doesn't get any better! Thanks very much."
Eastern Sierra Photographic Workshop Eastern Sierra, CA
"Thank you for the absolutely superb Eastern Sierra Photographic Workshop you hosted. The entire event was a remarkable and truly enjoyable adventure. For me it was a great success in meeting my goals and objectives. Besides having the opportunity (and privilege) to take photos with you in some of the most beautiful places within the Eastern Sierras - your instruction, lessons and guidance towards improving my photography skills was very rewarding. I am very grateful. My skills have distinctly improved (mostly in the use of the GND Filter) and I owe much of this to your patience and keen sense of awareness when composing landscape photos. The locations you took us were excellent and perfect for practicing how best to compose landscapes."